We all love looking good, don't we? They say how we look tells a lot about who we are and I can't agree more. And good hair is part of the enhancements that help us to look just perfect and lace front wigs are the best way to make our hair look even better. But which is the best way to apply these wigs? Well do not worry because I got you covered. You know you cannot apply the wig if you do not have it so the first thing that you are going to do is get yourself one and if you have no idea where then I got the best choice for you, SheInHair. SheInHair is one of the leading producers of hair products and it combines both excellent quality and best prices.

Before you put the wig on your head you got to make yourself ready for the wig first. The first step is to do a skin test on yourself to ensure your skin is not allergic to the adhesive or wig tape that you are going to use. You can do this by applying some adhesive or sticking the tape on the back of your arm and observe it for about 24 hours. If your skin is irritated purchase a hypo allergenic wig tape that is also available in SheInHair. If no irritation is observed proceed to the next step which is flattening your hair. This step is necessary because it will ensure that your wig will be more intact hence looking better.

Once your hair is flat, you will then put on the wig cap and pull in such a way that it hardly covers your hairline. You will have to also ensure that all the hair is in the cap. Once all the hair is in the cap, you will now prepare your skin for the wig and to do so you will use your usual cleanser to clean your face and the wipe it with a clean towel. For extra cleansing, you can apply some alcohol on a piece of cotton and then wipe it on your face gently to remove any extra oils. When this step is done, you now proceed to putting on the wig.

On the assumption that you have completed all the above steps, now we move on to the critical part of putting on the wig. The first thing that you will have to do is to test and see if human hair wigs fits on your head properly. If it is loose, use the straps to tighten it and if it's too tight, you can loosen the straps. While it is in the fitting position, use sharp pinking shears to trim the lace along the hairline after which you will remove the wig and carefully place it on as clean surface. On removal, make sure you can clearly which part goes to the hairline and which part goes to the neck. This is useful as it will make the returning process easy. Now cut the tape and use it to line your hairline that is if you are using the tape but if you are using a liquid adhesive, apply it carefully along your hairline and wait for a few minutes, depending on the type of adhesive, before putting on the wig.

When all is set, put the wig on your head carefully while taking note of the sides. Adjust the hairline well and ensure that it hangs at the back naturally after which you will gently press the wig onto the tape or adhesive.

Everybody got their own taste and am not going to tell you which way you should style it but I have to warn you that while styling, do not use regular brushes for a synthetic wig but instead opt for a wig brush. But for human Perruque just use your regular brush.